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The Starfire Cigs Company is fabricating one of the finest smoke free cigarettes in the market. These cigarettes are being liked by various customers as well.

Starfire Cigs are making huge in the smoke free cigarette industry. These cigarettes offer style, class, royalty, easy usage, strong vapors, best flavors and much more at very affordable rates to the customers. Starfire cigs are stealing a march ahead the various other electronic cigarettes in the smoke free cigarette industry. These stylized cigarettes feature 9 amazing flavors that come in varying nicotine amounts. This company also features some cigarettes that are completely free of nicotine. Their amazing style and flexibility is making them so popular amongst users.

Features of Starfire Cigarettes

Starfire Cigs Starter KitThe Starfire electronic cigarettes offer starter kits to the novice users. These starter kits make it even easier for the customers to understand the basic usage of electronic cigarettes. They are neither harmful for you, the people around you or the environment on a whole. The vapors can be inhaled very easily and no smoke is produced in return. Thus, these electronic cigarettes are environment friendly too. They offer all the benefits that other electronic cigarettes offer, but they do it in a better way always. The starter kits come with 5 amazing nicotine based flavored cigarettes. The nicotine strength of each cigarette cartridge varies. They come with a warranty of 1 year. They additionally feature a wall charger, USB charger, two batteries and 1 charging case.

These many stuffs are offered at very affordable rates in a single starter kit to the users. The second feature that the Starfire cigs offer is that they come with an assurance of money return within 30 days of their purchase. The customer support service offered by Starfire Company is making it a very suitable option for customers. This product also comes with quality assurance and an easy manual on how to get started with electronic cigarettes. Hence, the first time users find it very easy to start the use of these electronic cigarettes on a comparison with some others that are not so easy to be used for the beginners.

Starfire BatteryOne other amazing feature that Starfire cigs offer is that they come with an indicator. This LED indicator is placed at the tip of the cigarettes. As soon as the battery reaches below a certain extent, this indicator starts blinking. Hence, you never fall short of inhaling the vapors upon need. This is because Starfire cigs offer a pre-hand indication regarding low battery. Thus, you can always charge the batteries in time. The electronic cigarettes offered by Starfire are not use and throw items. The use and throw cigarettes are very costly.

Starfire Cigs CartridgeYou can use a single cartridge only once in the use and throw electronic cigarettes. However, the Starfire cigs are refill based electronic cigarettes. You can easily place a new refill as soon as your old refill gets over. This makes Starfire cigs a very affordable option over the one time use electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are made in America and they contain vegetable glycerin. These cigarettes are free of propylene glycol completely. Hence, they contain no such harmful substances that are sometimes a part of various other electronic cigarettes in traces. Product survey proves that this company offers the greatest flavor variation as well.

Starfire Cigs FlavorThe 9 different flavors include menthol ice, premium tobacco, Turkish tobacco, cherry blast, French vanilla, appletini, gourmet coffee, juicy Peach and watermelon splash. All these rich flavors are real and they offer deep satisfaction to the users. The premium tobacco and Turkish tobacco flavors help chain smokers and long term smokers in curbing their frequent smoke cravings easily. These two flavors offer world’s best tobacco taste. The Turkish tobacco flavor offers the rich taste of mouth blending tobacco with hints of caramel in between.

The smokers are so satisfied with these highly rich flavors that they actually don’t feel the need to depend upon conventional tobacco cigarettes anymore. All the other flavors are as rich as the two mentioned flavors. The best feature about the Starfire e cigs is that the cartridge doesn’t take too long to heat up. The atomizer quickly heats up in order to convert the liquid into vapors. The vapors are strong supplements for smokers who otherwise depend upon unhealthy cigarettes. The Starfire cigarettes are so strong and rich that smoking cessation becomes easier.

Other than flexibility in flavors, the Starfire cigarettes also offer a great deal of flexibility in the content of nicotine per cartridge. Users find it very simple to find a correct nicotine content electronic cigarette according to the needs of their body with Starfire Company. This feature becomes the USP of Starfire electronic cigarettes. The deeply satisfying vapors cut the need of having more nicotine in smokers very soon. It improves the health condition of smokers very easily. The menthol ice flavor is a refreshing treat for the customers who fall sick of inhaling the pungent tobacco taste in conventional cigarettes.

The design, style and elegance offered by Starfire cigs are all an attribute to its sleek design. The packaging is very royal and trendy. The two different colors i.e. black and white look equally royal and sophisticated. The black sleek Starfire electronic cigarette’s body is embellished with a blue LED tip. On the other hand, the white colored e cig is complemented with a red colored LED tip. Starfire Cigs offer numerable health benefits compared to traditional cigarette smoking like improved pulse, improved breathing, improved blood pressure, improved heart and a clean respiratory system. These side-benefits are complimentary gifts of using the Starfire e-cigs for the purpose of smoking cessation.

If you too wish to get a smoke free life, Starfire electronic cigarettes seems to be the most affordable option of all. The cartridges come with a 1 year warranty and the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee as well.


  1. I love smoking but never wanted that foul smell to come out of my body. Hence, I decided to give e-cigarettes a try. Recommendations of my friends and the innumerous positive reviews on the web helped me land on the Starfire e-cigs. I’m using these gadgets for quite some time now and I must admit that I’m highly satisfied with its overall performance. There is no offensive smell and no ash at all. Better yet, now I can smoke even in public locations without irritating anyone. I don’t even have to flame it up every now and then.

  2. Because of regular smoking, my teeth and gum were becoming black day-by-day and I was very upset about this discoloration. One day, my friend told me about e-cigs and assured me that it’s the only way out for me. He even gifted me a kit of Starfire e-cigs. Now, it’s been almost 2 months that I’m using the e-cigs and I can literally witness that my teeth and gum are slowly gaining back their original charm (thanks to my dentist too). I highly recommend these e-cigs to every smoker.

  3. Earlier, I used to be an unsatisfied user of the e-cigs. This was primarily because I have had several unpleasant experiences with these gadgets. Out of the many products I tried, most of them had faulty cartridges which upon regular usage of around 2-3 months developed defects causing the liquid to leak into my mouth. But with the Starfire e-cigarettes, this problem is nowhere in the vicinity. I’m using Starfire e-cigs for more than 3 months now and there is no sign of any fault till now. Starfire is the first to make me feel happy about e-cigs.

  4. The fact that Starfire e-cigs run on self-powered batteries is just amazing. There is no need to flame it up all the time. The device is not a power hog and is very energy efficient too. Unlike most other e-cigs, the Starfire devices are powered by dual batteries which easily makes it last all day with regular usage. The battery is efficient and doesn’t drain off quickly. Most of the other products which I tried required frequent charging, but this isn’t the case with Starfire devices. I’m glad that I opted for it and will continue using it.

  5. E-cigarette being smoke-free is the best thing according to me. My first impression about Starfire e-cigs was just ‘wow’. Finally, I got an alternative to those irritating smoke and smell. I like the vapors that come out every time I take a puff from the device. The e-cigs have made my entire experience of smoking a whole lot pleasant and irk-free. With the vapors replacing the mind-numbing smoke, I no longer have to take care of my surrounding every time I feel like smoking. Thank you Starfire for such an amazing product!

  6. According to me, making a switch from the tobacco cigarettes to the Starfire zero-nicotine e-cigarettes is one of the most intelligent and healthy decisions that I made lately. Unlike the traditional tobacco-based cigarettes, the e-cigs are absolutely free from the harmful tar and the unpleasant smoke. There is no smell or teeth discoloration either. All these facts motivated me to make the switch and now, I lay back as one of the most satisfied consumer of these Starfire products. These devices brought a whole new change to my life and i just can’t stop admiring it.

  7. I was pretty impressed with the effort that Starfire took in the manufacturing of the liquid of the e-cigs. For a vegetarian person like me, I’m glad that Starfire developed the liquid with glycerin prepared from vegetable sources. Unlike many other similar products in the market, Starfire prepared the liquid (which is also called as e-juice) from top quality polyethylene glycol compounds. They also added dozens of different types of flavors in the liquid to impart a tobacco-like taste and feel to the vapors. That was very pleasing too.