Women and Smoking – Why choosing E-cigarettes is a good idea

Smoking is a habit that cuts across gender lines – an equal number of men and women smoke around the world. Living with a smoker can be a bit of a problem for the other party – considering all the health issues that occur with smokers. An answer is available in the form of electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is one which looks exactly like the real thing and is battery operated. These devices operate on micro technology – users have the experience of smoking without all the toxic fumes, tar, ash and the smell that lingers on clothing and hair long after one is done.  E-cigarettes are a great alternative for those trying to ditch the habit.  They are also hazard free and don’t pose any health risks – to bystanders or the user.  Savvy marketers are promoting e-cigarettes designed especially for women – some of the names are pretty catchy as well.  How does one know that these are meant especially for women? They have very feminine designs and come in a particular color range.

E-cigarettes are specifically designed to help men and women give up the smoking habit.  The fact of the matter is that women and men handle addiction differently and quitting process requires a different approach.  There are a good number of reasons for people to quit smoking and use any method available.

Reasons why women choose Electronic cigarettes:

Here are a few reasons why women choose this option to quit smoking.

·         Pregnancy Complications: there are several studies and medical reports done by regulatory bodies like the FDA and CDC which show that smoking (active or passive) cause a lot of harm to the baby – problems like slow growth, premature birth or even still born babies.  Electronic cigarettes cut that risk dramatically as there is no second hand smoke.

·         Fires:  Regular cigarettes have been known to cause many fires due to people falling asleep with a lit cigarette.  Accidents that occur due to cigarette smoking turn out to be more fatal than the ones caused by cooking, heaters or unattended candles.  The number of smokers may have gone down over the years but the number of accidents related to smokers is still pretty high.  Since E-cigarettes are battery operated, there is no likelihood of any accidents happening – no smoke or ash to deal with.

·         Insurance Coverage:  Insurance companies usually want to know a person’s medical history and personal habits before they insure them.  If there are smokers in the family, the amount that people pay for premiums is pretty high.  So, it makes perfect sense to switch to e-cigarettes and save money in the long run – it also helps to keep one out of the doctor’s office.

·         Decrease in asset values: Most smokers indulge in their habit without considering the long term impact.  The realization comes rather late in the day when they try to sell their car or home – the smoke by this time is so deeply embedded in the walls, carpet and upholstery that not many people want to buy or deal with the repairs.  Electronic cigarettes cut out all these issues – no noxious fumes.

·         Marriages: Smoking actually impairs a person’s ability to breathe well and this eventually has an effect on their quality of life.  There is conclusive evidence of how it impairs sex drive as well, putting a strain on marital or dating relationships.  E-cigarettes are the answer to this issue as well.

·         Lung Diseases: Cigarettes are processed in such a way that smoking one inhales toxic fumes and chemicals into the lungs.  The lungs are organs which are vital and cannot handle clogging beyond a point.  E-cigarettes take in only water vapor which doesn’t leave any residue or do much harm to the body.

The responsibility of managing a family and running a home usually falls to a woman – so it is very important that she stay healthy and strong.  Many women work outside the home as well and this could lead to many of them taking up smoking.  Of course, everyone is aware of the need to eat well, exercise and fosters good habits – sometimes it is hard to give up on certain things that offer comfort and an outlet from stressful situations.  One of these habits may be smoking and it is hard to give it up overnight.  Electronic cigarettes meet a vital need – they are no doubt safer than conventional cigarettes and the money that one spends is cut by 2/3rds when one invests in this device.  People will get their nicotine fix without all the side effects.  What better reason than to get away from hard to break habits and get healthier – not just for oneself but for the sake of the family as well?

There are many websites offering electronic cigarettes with designs and styles exclusively for women.  Available in slim designs and appealing colors, these are designed to look classy – women don’t have to give up on style while trying to give up the nicotine habit.  These little devices come with matching colors and flavors – so mix and match to suit your personality.  Electronic cigarettes are most certainly going to garner positive attention for those who use it.  Choose from flavors like Mint, Strawberry, Bombshell, Rodeo Drive etc. along with the requisite nicotine level to suit your needs.

Given the grave health consequences, pregnant and nursing women are advised to quit using this product – women with other health issues like heart problems, depression, high blood pressure and asthma are advised to refrain from smoking.  A word of caution – while picking an electronic cigarette, one has to choose nicotine strength very carefully.  Start with the lightest potency and then work up to the desired strength.

What makes electronic cigarettes a viable option is that there is no smoke so they can be smoked anywhere in public.  One has to make sure that these are purchased from a reputable manufacturer – they usually make items with quality ingredients and offer a sturdy design.  They are also tested rigorously before being offered on the open market.  One way to a good product is to check customer reviews online to see what other users have to say.  A reputable company usually offers a lifetime warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee on all their products.  Also make sure that a live person is available to answer any queries one may have about the product.