Smokeless Cigarettes – Do they really work?

The total import of many lifestyle choices is only now being realized by many people as they are feeling the effects of those choices. One of those choices is smoking – it was considered fashionable at a particular point in time and a lot of money spent advertising the product as well.

In the last 50 years or so, with all the changes that have taken place in how food is grown and the products people use, many health issues are taking center stage.  One of those is smoking – what research has uncovered is that cigarette smoke contains many different chemicals that wreak havoc on the cells in the body.  Smoking and related health issues have long been a menace – smoking is a tough habit to give up as it is very addictive.  Smokers are at the receiving end of a lot of bad stuff and kicking the habit is a challenge for many.  All hope is not lost, however – there is a revolutionary new gadget which looks and feels like a cigarette but isn’t really one.

E-cigarettes are a phenomenal product – even revolutionary.  They do contain nicotine but absolutely free of the many harmful chemicals.  These are much better than cigarettes and work too – a godsend for those who are trying very hard to break the habit.  So, what exactly does the product do? First off, what one should know is that e-cigarettes (aka personal vaporizer) is an inhaler that contains an aerosol liquid which is delivered to the smoker in the form of a mist – mimicking the act of smoking.  What makes it even better is that one can choose the cartridge by the amount of nicotine and the different flavors as well.  Smoking is one habit which draws a lot of scorn from others – after all, why would anyone choose to smoke knowing the dangers and side effects?

Why choose smoke free cigarettes?

Firstly, these cigarettes don’t emit smoke so they don’t pose a danger to the smoker or people around him/her.  That way, people don’t have to worry about being looked down on if they have one in their hand – whether it is in a parking lot or any other place.  The good thing about these is that they offer smokers a chance to get the same effects without polluting their lungs as well.  Not too long ago, these cigarettes were dismissed as a fad – fast forward to 2013, they are considered the best alternative for those who wish to break the smoking habit.   The fact remains that there is no proof that smoke free cigarettes are harmful to health and cause other illnesses.  There are no harmful chemicals either – the liquid and resulting vapor contains some flavors and nicotine.  It is a much healthier alternative and offers people a real chance to kick the habit if they choose to.

The fact is that the nicotine content in smoke free cigarettes can be regulated – refill cartridges are available in different concentrations.  This is not to justify smoking by any means.  These cigarettes offer a real chance to people to wean themselves off an addictive product.  Tobacco and related products are not endorsed by regulatory bodies like the FDA or CDC and even by the medical establishment.  Of course, one has to be aware that just like any other product, there are many different types of smokeless cigarettes.  Make sure to get one made by a reputable manufacturer to be safe.

Potential Benefits of Smoke free cigarettes:

The basic premise was to play on the mind of a smoker – this product looks and feels the same as a regular cigarette.  People are aware that they are not really smoking – but getting their nicotine fix without all the other toxic substances.  The only thing it has in common with a real cigarette is the nicotine.  Even smokers are aware of the dangers of passive smoking and don’t want to subject their loved ones to all that smoke.  By choosing smoke free cigarettes, smokers don’t have to deal with the social stigma anymore – best of all there is no littering either.  Many countries have introduced legislation which makes cigarettes really expensive to buy. Smokeless cigarettes help people save money in the long run as they are cheaper.

These cigarettes offer quite a few advantages and they work really well – they have proved a godsend to those who are trying their best to quit smoking.  Of the many products available on the market to help people quit smoking, these cigarettes have proved to be the best alternative.  The way this product works is to emit a fine vapor into the lungs – minus the carcinogens.  The core of this product consists of two components – a small atomizer which is powered by battery and cartridge which holds the nicotine solution.  When the smoker uses this product, the atomizer is activated and the nicotine dose is delivered directly into the blood stream, in a matter of seconds. Smokers can have the complete experience – the glowing tip, the weight of the cigarette and the nicotine rush.

There are refill cartridges which can be purchased for replacement once they are empty – available in different strengths of nicotine.  The liquid content of these cartridges consists of glycerine and propylene glycol – infused with different flavors like menthol, coffee, vanilla and even nicotine free versions.  These liquids are well known food additives and found in a lot of personal care items as well, so they do not pose any danger.  The effects of inhaling nicotine is still up for debate – the one big plus is that people are getting far fewer toxins and carcinogens by switching to the smoke free cigarettes.

Another important point to note is that these cigarettes have proven to be a safe and effective method of quitting smoking altogether.  More studies have to be done to conclusively prove the effectiveness of e-cigarettes.  According to some other studies, the very fact that these are being marketed as a safe alternative, there is a real possibility that they can lead to issues like nicotine addiction and poisoning.  This doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of smokeless cigarettes – many people have benefitted from using them.  If one really has any doubts about the dangers of smoking, they should check out different reports that have been published.  They can even talk to people who have serious health issues from not being able to quit.