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South Beach Smoke is a popular brand in the world of electronic cigarettes. Some reviews and ratings help you choose the most suitable package.

South Beach Smoke has become a popular name in the electronic cigarette world. This company has helped many smokers get rid off nicotine smoking by replicating all the procedure involved in vaping, except the smoke, unhealthy tobacco, and disgusting glances from the people near you. This alternative means of vaping has offered safer option to traditional cigarette smoking. The taste and essence is just like real cigarette smoking and the users of any age get immense satisfaction. Some feedback and reviews from users of this brand help you buy the best suitable package for you.

Packaging of South Beach Smoke Ecig (Rating 4.5/5)

South Beach Smoke Starter KitThe kit offered by South Beach Smoke includes:

  • Standard deluxe supermax ecig 2.5 inches battery, lithium ion (one in number)
  • High capacity, deluxe supermax ecig 3.5 inches battery, lithium ion (one in number)
  • Atomizers or nicotine cartridges – large (five in number)
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Owner’s manual
  • AC wall charger (one in number)

Apart from these two packs, you can also opt for the assortment cartomizer pack, which comes with light nicotine level and you can choose your desired flavors. The cartridge atomizers have end caps to prevent leakage. The package is also well crafted thus making it an attractive gift. The packaging has a smart look with black and glossy backdrop, which comes along with radiant designs, located on the flap portion. The flap is a magnetic one and the whole packaging gives you an aura of something trendy.

Delivery policy of South Beach Smoke E Cig (Rating 4.5/5)

Once you place order with the South Beach Smoke website and pay online through your credit or debit card, the product will be delivered at your doorstep within four to five days time. The prompt delivery of the product makes the brand a popular one. However, you need to pay shipping charges additionally. But, if you can take advantage of the membership facility, then you can enjoy a lot of benefits.

Customer Service or Warranty (Rating 4.5/5)

South Beach Smoke offers membership program to the customers, for ensuring best service in terms of delivery. If you become a member then you get to enjoy a lot of additional benefits. With this membership you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on the product replacement. You also get a twenty percent discount on the cartridge refill, every time you buy from the company’s home delivery service. Apart from these, you also get to enjoy a lot of benefits and get your monthly cartridge supply delivered at your home within the shortest possible time.

Batteries and other accessories (Rating 4.5/5)

South Beach Smoke BatteriesThe battery performance of South Beach Smoke ecigs is excellent and much better than the previous versions. The battery lasts for a long time and is quite responsive. After some modifications on the older version the new improved model can run 4.2 volts in comparison to the traditional 3.7 volts or lesser that comes with most electronic cigarette packages. As the battery runs at a higher temperature than other electronic cigarette models, the quality of vapor produced is also better. As a result, the cartomizers are also enhanced and produces an improved satisfying experience. The batteries are also light in weight and come with a sleeker width. This makes the juice run longer and a heavy smoker can use it for three to four hours at a stretch. The battery also comes with a crystal light, red in color, LED or emitting diode. The company’s logo on the side of the battery also makes it look attractive. The sleek and trendy looking batteries glows an orange light at the tip when a user inhales. The automatic batteries automatically start the atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid present inside the cartridge.

Cartridges or Flavors (Rating 4.5/5)

South Beach Smoke offers ten flavor options. The battery life is long, offering you 300 to 400 puffs, without having to recharge or stop. The company adds different flavors from time to time. Some of the most popular traditional include, menthol and tobacco. Users going for something more exotic prefer peppermint, pina colada or peach.

South Beach Smoke Flavors

Vapor output (Rating 4.5/5)

The cartomizers have an enhanced better look with matching functionalities. With improved and new batteries, the performance in conjunction is much better than the older version. The vapor production is also of excellent quality. The flavors also taste good and add extra voltage to the smoking experience. The coffee and vanilla flavors offers intensity that gives a complete new experience while the menthol flavor makes you feel more filled up. Unlike other traditional electronic cigarettes, the vapor production in a South Beach Smoke ecig is smooth and thick like a real one. It just maintains the threshold where the sensation is satisfying but not overwhelming as to produce a throat hit. You will not get any irritating sensation that results from smoking a real cigarette at the back of the throat.

Overall Rating (Rating 4.5/5)

Users from different parts of the world have tried this electronic cigarette and mostly everyone has expressed satisfaction. South Beach Smoke company has upgraded the older versions drastically bringing an enhanced change in the newer versions. Many customers who were previously not hundred percent satisfied with the electronic cigarette products from this company, now prefers the newer version. Additionally, the 4.2 voltage battery stands out to be the unique one in this electronic cigarette world. The long battery life helps the smokers spend more time on it without stopping for recharge. The design options that come in two and three pieces, along with the 4 nicotine levels help a person curb down and even quit smoking. The only drawback is while inhaling you can hear a bit of noise.


  1. My daughter was a cigarette addict. Her stressful life was a major reason behind her smoking addition. I was too concerned about her health. Suddenly she started developing chronic cough and chest pain. After diagnosis, it was found that smoking will not let her live for too long. We fought hard to get rid of her smoking, but things were not working out. One of my friends advised me to use South Beach Smoke cigarettes. With the consent of the doctor we started giving her these electronic cigarettes. Its 6 months now and she has grown completely fit.

  2. Menthol nicotine electronic cigarette by South Beach Smoke has fulfilled my fantasy of richer tobacco taste. The tobacco tastes amazing and I don’t have to stick using it for long. The flavor is so rich that a few puffs offer complete control to my smoking cravings. I stick to using menthol flavor in order to smell fresh all the time. I love the coffee flavor as well. The new battery is offering a better performance in terms of generating stronger vapors.

  3. I started using the South Beach Smoke cigarettes as a matter of chance. One of my friends, who was a chain smoker as me, started using these cigarettes due to his health issues. I accidently jumped into using his pack when I felt like having one. The strong vapors generated satisfied my smoking craving very soon. It was then when these cigarettes attracted me. On his advice I too order a suitable pack for me. My health has improved from what it was. I am no more subjected to smoking cravings. Thanks to the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes.

  4. I practically love smoking. I love the taste of tobacco. My parents were concerned, since I started losing a lot of weight. I tried quitting smoking, but it just wouldn’t happen. I always failed to curb my smoking willingness. My doctor advised me to try electronic cigarettes. After a lot of research, I chose to have the menthol based electronic cigarette by South Beach Smoke Company. I have to compliment the rich tobacco taste that these cigarettes offer. It doesn’t take too long for me to get over my cigarette cravings now. My parents and I, both are happy now.

  5. I never believed that cigarettes too can be health friendly until I myself found the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes. These are unique cigarettes that pose no health issues. They come in various flavors that are also free of nicotine. The nicotine content varies in these cigarettes largely. You will always have the leisure to choose your favorite flavor and strength of nicotine, both. These cigarettes generate vapors. Vapors are generated by strongly heating up the liquid present in the atomizer. The vapors of South Beach Smoke cigarettes are stronger than ever. I love the menthol flavor personally.

  6. Smoking started at college and soon it became a necessity. It has finally stopped in my early 30’s now, when I have started using the South Beach Smoke cigarettes on a friend’s advice. I hardly witnessed any problems with my smoking, since my wife never complaint about it. Recently I had a beautiful baby girl. It was then when my wife started developing a problem with my smoking habits. It has been a few weeks that I have started using these electronic cigarettes. I have already started witnessing better health symptoms. My little girl too needs not to suffer anymore.

  7. I am a hardcore cigarette addict. I have started using the South Beach Smoke cigarettes very shortly. I am enjoying the strong flavors of coffee and vanilla, both. One thing that has surprised me is that my smoking craving is satisfied very soon on a comparison to the conventional cigarettes. On the one hand, I had to smoke 8 to 10 cigarettes in order to control my smoking craving in conventional cigarettes. On the other hand, a few puffs of the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes satisfy me fully. I have certainly observed a change in my stamina also.