Information Regarding Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette industry has seen a huge uproar in the past gone year i.e. 2012. The number of increased smoking sufferers and the number of benefits that electronic cigarettes offer are the two prime reasons behind the growth of electronic cigarette market in 2012.

The Daily Mirror official site did a market survey on the uses and consumption on electronic cigarettes in the year 2012, which is the gone past year. The results were astonishing and surprising. According to the daily mirror’s report, the electronic cigarette market increased 20 times greater than it was in the end of the year 2011. These stats clearly pointed out towards the increased customers this industry earned within a short span of 1 year. Then the research went in-depth in order to find out about the user experiences with these smoke free cigarettes. The most astonishing factor was that all the genuine customers were satisfied users, which were once chain smokers.

Uses and Practical Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The daily mirror’s research lime-lighted the great beneficial health effects this smoke free cigarette offers to the users. All these overwhelming results tempted the University of Catania to conduct a practical research about the effects and side effects of smoke free cigarettes. They developed a pool of 40 chain smokers who were into smoking for more than 10 years, each. These 40 people were kept on electronic cigarettes from day one itself. The most amazing feature of this complete research was that no smoker suffered from cravings and withdrawal symptoms of abrupt smoking cessation even once. The gradual use of these electronic cigarettes for just 1 week gave surprising results.

The tobacco addiction of all the 40 smokers, who were smoking for the past 10 years minimum, reduced drastically. Practically, none of those chain smokers felt the need to burn a few tobacco cigarettes even once. Within a few months, their heart condition, lung condition, renal condition and body’ stamina, all 4 improved. The best aspect was that no person was subjected to any kind of even minor side effects. This clearly proved the working capability of electronic cigarettes, their uses and benefits. The people who suffer from long term dependence of cigarettes or the ones who feel like giving up smoking due to any reasons can take an aid of smoke free vapor based cigarettes.

Certain simultaneous researches in different parts of the world in 2012 showed similar results. These miraculous results were an outcome of the vapor based formula of smoke free cigarettes. These cigarettes are known as health friendly cigarettes only because they offer no harm to the human health. Moreover, they help people in quitting the habit of unhealthy smoking. The real reason behind the health problems generated from smoking is not nicotine, but tar and other carcinogens. Tar accumulates in the lungs alongside smoke, which eventually develops cancer and other deadly diseases. Neither tar nor smoke is present in the smoke free cigarettes.

Nicotine is put to criticism and all the blame in smoking, because it causes addiction. Rest of the damage is done due to the presence of other harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. The smoke free cigarettes used this formula to produce such cigarettes that shall be free of all the health affecting ingredients. This has become the success USP of these trendy healthy cigarettes. They offer cartridges that contain varying amounts of liquid nicotine. This cartridge is ignited via an atomizer to a certain degree. Upon heating, the liquid starts turning into vapors. It is because of this reason that these cigarettes are also called as vapor cigarettes.

The vapors generated can be easily inhaled. They directly reach the lung tissues. Thus, the smokers get immediate relief, as nicotine directly reaches their lungs. The lungs are not hammered with harmful tar and smoke. Thus, nicotine craving is satisfied very soon. Hence, the smoke free cigarettes offer no withdrawal symptoms initially or even at later stages. The health article published in the science daily in the month of April 2012 unveiled various factors about the smoke free cigarettes. According to this article, electronic cigarettes offer various other health benefits than serving a sole purpose of curing smoking cessation and its withdrawal symptoms.

The health article clearly indicated that smoke free cigarettes are highly capable flavored cigarettes that can also repair the damage that long term smoking causes to the human body. The long term smoking habit leads to memory loss, fatigue, mood swings and heart disorders. All these conditions are not just improved, but cured via the use of smoke free cigarettes. These cigarettes trigger the formation of new cells that work very effectively in restoring the memory capability of the mind. They also restore the chemical balance of the body and brain. Thus, mood swings are cured to perfection. They increase the body’s stamina and the harm caused to the heart and capillaries is also reduced.

Nonetheless, these cigarettes are truly health friendly cigarettes. The results have not just been experienced by users, but they are also backed up by scientific study and research on humans who have been active smokers for ages. These are clear reasons that why did the electronic cigarette market witnessed such a huge uproar in the year 2012. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow bigger and better in the year 2013 and coming few years. The different trends followed by smoke free cigarettes in the successive months of 2012 highlighted the various health benefits they are capable of offering. They come in royal packaging and are offered by various brands in the market. The smoke free cigarettes are also found to offer all the health benefits mentioned above by the University of East London that conducted an independent research on the effectiveness of these cigarettes in 2012.

Hence, 2012 completely cleared out the myth that smoke free cigarettes are not effective or are dangerous for human consumption. These effective vapor cigarettes come in different flavors and the nicotine content varies largely. The flavor based cigarettes can be nicotine rich as well as free of nicotine. Even the flavors offered by electronic cigarettes were highly appreciated. They are real like flavors that easily melt in the mouth. These cigarettes offer beneficial results in a direction to improve the health condition of smokers after curing their smoking addiction. Encapsulating, the smoke free cigarettes are not just a stylized cartridge meant for the purpose of serving a royal look. They are also highly beneficial items for the smokers who suffer from various health conditions.